Reduction of dangers from insects and vermin

People’s health can be negatively affected by contact with insects and vermin. People exposed to vermin, nuisance animals, rodents and insects-pests or to their excrements are in danger of getting harmful effects for their health.
Vermin and parasites in the living environment threaten human society, dramatically changing the way of life, increasing the risks for infectious illnesses like malaria, virus Zika and other contagious diseases.
Producing serious ongoing health risks in many parts of the world rats, mice, lice, fleas, insects transmit bacteria and parasites, cause plague, skin infections, allergies, rabies, chronic diarrhea, chronic gut parasite infection
Small animals may contaminate the water supply, carry and transmit dangerous microorganisms and viruses which may cause various viral and bacterial infections.
For instance, mosquitoes carry potentially life threatening viruses such as Japanese Encephalitis and Dengue Fever, Zika Virus. Increased risks of allergies and asthma cases are associated with dust mites and cockroaches living in human houses.
Beetles and other insects often cause serious skin irritation and allergies. Mice and rats as well as certain insects contaminate food and thus spread diseases. Besides, rodents cause damage to electrical cables, eat surfaces, can rapidly transmit infections.
If you notice any vermin in your house, it is wise to incorporate certain strategies to get rid of them and prevent further invasion of undesirable animals and insects.
You can consult local pest control authorities about the animals, vermin and insects that are commonly found in the place where you live. These strategies and preventative measures can help minimize the negative impact on people and their houses.
Yard fencing and gates, verandah screening, screened doors and high shelves, cupboards in kitchens, and attentiveness to any wall to floor transitions near the ground are just some of the measures that can decrease the negative health impacts of the insects, vermin and animals on people.
Rats, mice and other rodents often spoil food, contaminate surfaces in the house, and pollute the water in the rainwater tank or other water supply. They can cause electrical faults by gnawing the protection from cables in various parts of the house. Rats and mice often come to our houses through ventilation panels, cracks in walls, edges of roofs, wall, floor, door and window junctions, or through the spaces for electrical wiring and plumbing. Living and making their nests in spaces of our houses, mice and rats rapidly grow in number and cause lots of trouble.
Ants and cockroaches spoil food, contaminate kitchen surfaces and cause dangerous diseases. Cockroaches’ excrements are associated with asthma development and asthma attacks in people who have already suffered from this disease.
Mosquitoes and flies are attracted by light and often live in the kitchens (flies). They carry trachoma, viral infections, cause fever, malaria and diarrhea.
Dust mites often cause asthma. They inhabit clothes, bedding, hair, carpets and soft furnishings. The growth of dust mites involves humidity. So they cannot live in dry places and besides, cannot stand sun light.
To reduce the negative impact of insects and vermin on your health, try to inspect your house regularly, take preventative measures and in the evidence of their presence try all the appropriate methods to eliminate them from your house.

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